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Skinny Dip Bath Bomb

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Nella Naturals Bath Bombs

There's nothing like the simple pleasure and relaxation of a hot bath with a Nella Naturals Bath Bomb. All the glitz and scents of a bed and bath store-bought bomb, with all the benefits of a Nella Natural product.

Simply drop one of these bombs into a warm bath. Watch the tub come to life as they fizz for several minutes, releasing fun colors, enjoyable scent, moisturizing oils, and skin softening Dead Sea salt into the water.

The best part is that these Nella Naturals Bath Bombs are not just beautiful and great smelling. They have a high magnesium content, making them great for sore muscles and joint pain.


Bath Bombs are 5 ounces, colors will vary depending upon scent option

Skinny Dip

Hit the beach running, and shed your worries as you go. This fabulous blend of raw coconut, Mexican lime, and Florida orange showcases bright, honeyed lime blossom, creamy coconut milk, and heady jasmine. Finished out with bottom notes of vanilla, kukui, and tropical musk, this fragrance is a bare necessity.