Smelly Jelly Air Freshener

Need continuous odor control and want high quality, realistic scents -- without the chemical mess most air fresheners bring into your home? You’ve found them! Our Nella Naturals Smelly Jellies not only smell great, they actually absorb odors.

Enjoy long-lasting odor control and choose from our signature scents, you won’t be disappointed. Perfect for anywhere you need a little extra help with life’s “little smells,” like fish in the kitchen. You know what we’re talking about, dirty laundry and musty smells in laundry rooms and bathrooms are just a fact of life with busy lives. Throw in pets or kids and you have a whole new set of scented woes. From the living room to shops, boats, RVs, and mudrooms… anywhere you need a little help, we’ve got you.

Our signature scents are sure to please, from Salty Cactus, to Grandma’s Kitchen, or Sage & Citrus to Minty Lemon, to so many more, there is a scent for everyone. Coconut, vanilla, lavender, and lemongrass, among others, all handcrafted into the perfect air freshener and deodorizer.

Check out our full catalog of scents, and look for seasonal offerings as well.

Cute but not feminine, these scents are great for dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and even housewarming gifts. Get the great smelling areas in your home you deserve without the chemicals you don’t want your family breathing in, at a fair price.