Large Gift Sets

Not many things make a more thoughtful gift than a gift box from Nella Naturals. After all, who doesn't deserve a relaxing spa day — Or, a day at the beach. Our busy lives don't often allow us to take the time to pay to get pampered.

So we need to pamper ourselves.

An excellent way to pamper yourself, or someone you love, is with a Nella Naturals Spa gift box package that brings the spa home. Now you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa with Nella Naturals hemp oil bar soap, a relaxing lavender bath bomb, and the cooling exfoliation of a Peppermint Foot Scrub.  

Not only that, you'll get to enjoy the gently crackling wooden wick candle from Nella Natural candles collections.

With no harsh chemical additives, these long-lasting, high-quality, all-natural and chemical-free, soy candles burn clean to fill the room with a gentle aroma that you'll love.

How about a variety pack shower bombs? They'll bring the spa experience to your shower every day. They're a thoughtful gift for that hard-working someone in your life who could use some quality me-time.

Our beach bum basket brings the ocean to you. That way you can get that beach bum attitude with a long-lasting Beach Breeze Smell Jelly. These baskets are perfect for beach lovers in your life.

They’ll swoon over our Twisted Mermaid sugar scrub while lounging in the tub with a White Sand Beaches bath bomb. Add a Waikiki Coconut soy wood wick candle, and they'll feel as if they're lounging in a sandy tropical paradise.

Our high-quality, handcrafted, and all-natural products are petroleum and GMO-free.

You'll find an assortment of Nella Naturals products in each of our gift sets. Of course, each of our gift sets includes one of our wooden wick candles. The scent depends on the overall theme.

We even include all-natural Cricket’s Bug Off spray, sunscreen, and lip balm in our Tree Huggers Gift Set. And they all come with an array of Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners, bath and shower bombs, hand soaps, sugar scrubs, bar soaps, and more.

Enjoy —