Home Fragrance

 At Nella Naturals, we know that you want the same high-quality, realistically-scented candles and room deodorizers that you’re used to, without the dangerous chemicals and high boutique price tags. The way your home smells matters and life tends to come with quite a few odors we don’t want. Especially if you have a busy home with children and pets, like we do, you’ll love our all-natural home fragrance collection! 

Nella Naturals candles are vegan-friendly, all made of FDA approved, Kosher certified, 100 percent USA soy wax, and also use clean-burning cotton wicks. You won’t have to worry about the indoor air pollution caused by paraffin candles anymore. There is also none of the heavy black soot you’re tired of building up in your candles and walls. And our home fragrances look great with any decor. We never sell anything we won’t use in our own home, with our children, so you can trust that what you order from us is made of high-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients, and smells great.

If you prefer great odor control without the flame, our Smelly Jellies are exactly what you need, with none of what you don’t want. These brightly colored jellies smell great, and absorb odors, making them ideal for everywhere you want that extra odor control. Bathrooms, kitchens, shops, boats, or RVs, anywhere you need them, they look great, smell awesome, and they work!

Looking for a great wooden wick candle? Look no further to get that gentle crackle along with any of our incredible scents. Love brownies, or Caudill's Snickerdoodles? Your friends and family will swear you’re baking them with our deliciously scented candles. We take pride in every product we sell. Take control of your home fragrance needs and cut out the chemicals, they’re all free of petroleum and parabens.