Winter Scented Wooden Wick Candles

Who doesn’t love the warm, cozy vibe that you get from a winter scented candle on cold winter days and during holiday celebrations? Our Wooden Wick candles set the mood while adding a gentle pop and crackle to your home, and with our Winter Wooden Wick Collection, you’ll have the wonderful nostalgic scents you love filling your home.

Looking for something to get you into the holiday spirit while you’re planning Christmas, decorating the tree, or just enjoying the cold dark days of winter? This collection is what you’ve been dreaming of.

The candles in Nella Naturals Winter Wooden Wick Collection are made with U.S.A.-made 100% all-natural soy wax. As you already know if you’re a Nella Naturals customer, we only sell chemical-free products, so you can bring our products into your home with confidence knowing that we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t have in our own homes around our own children.

Need more reasons to love candles from our Winter Wooden Wick Collection? The soy wax we use is FDA approved and Kosher certified.

A Winter Wooden Wick candle is a beautiful timeless gift. Our Wooden Wick candles come in glass apothecary jars with rustic metal lids. Delight everyone on your gift list with one of our lusciously scented candles.

What about safety? You never have to worry about the dangers of paraffin wax with a candle from our Winter Wooden Wick Collection (or any of our Wooden Wick candles). They’re completely safe to use, whether you’re relaxing after a long day at work, curled up in a chair reading in the living room, or hosting a family holiday celebration.

From Christmas cookies to candy canes, you can count on Nella Naturals to deliver holiday scents that will take your entire family on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or build new memories for the youngest members of your family.

Looking for a traditional winter scent? Choose Candy Cane, Gingerbread House, or Christmas Cookie. Maybe you’re like something new and exciting. In that case, go for Merry & Bright, Butter Mint Candy, or Holly and White Cedar for scents that are familiar and new at the same time.

Whatever your scent-sational need, Nella Naturals makes products that are organic, vegan, and made with love. Make your home warm and inviting today with a candle (or 2 or 4!) from our Winter Wooden Wick Collection!