Sugar Scrub

Nella Naturals sugar scrubs last and last, and you are going to absolutely love the wide variety of scents available to you -- like the Big Island Lava Sugar Scrub, which has been featured in Elle magazine. You want healthy, glowing, moisturized skin, and our high-quality oil-based sugar scrub is exactly the right way to get it. What you don’t want? Like most smart shoppers, you don't want irritating chemicals sneaking into your home in innocent looking packages. Our exfoliating sugar scrubs not only help your skin be its best, but they also come to you free of harsh chemical ingredients from small batches.

While many store-bought exfoliant scrubs can have ingredients that cause plumbing clogs, or damage to the environment, sugar scrubs melt away. Our sugar scrubs aren’t just handcrafted and made with pride here in the U.S.A., they’re beautifully scented, ethically sourced, and suitable to use every time you shower or bathe. Not to mention, a sugar scrub is exactly what your flaking, peeling, painful lips need to stay supple and smooth.

While the sugar deeply exfoliates, allowing healthy skin to glow, the luxurious combination of oils moisturizes your skin. It works so well, you won't need any type of moisturizing lotion after you use this scrub. It will keep your skin moisturized and feeling soft.

Luxurious, practical, and environmentally responsible, all while doing everything it claims to do. Also, this scrub is great for all skin types, men, women, and kids -- and that makes it the perfect gift to give that person who needs a little more me-time in their day.

Nella Naturals Sugar Scrub is available in 10-ounce tubs, colors may vary depending on your scent options. Check out our variety of realistic scents and seasonal favorites to keep your pout perfect, and pamper your skin year-round.