Nella Balm

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Nella Naturals Nella Balm

This is our favorite handmade skincare product here at Nella Naturals. If you deal with dry, cracked skin you will love this product. This all-natural, petroleum-free, water-resistant skincare promotes healing of your painfully dry skin fast. All without perfumes, dyes or added chemicals.

It’s safe enough for every member of the family, even pets and babies, all the way to hard-working, calloused hands or aging skin. Its neutral scent means that you never have to worry about smelling “perfumed” (or it competing with your chosen scents) while healing the cracks caused by dry air, constant hand washing, and hard work.

Unlike many dry skin balms, Nella Balm doesn't feel greasy, leaving skin feeling silky and moisturized. It also doesn’t burn or sting when you apply it, like so many other brands. Use this soothing balm sparingly on clean, dry skin, filling the cracks and splits, or use generously overnight. Nella Naturals Nella Balm offers year-round skin protection and healing for issues like dry, cracked skin, windburn, diaper rash, mild cuts and scrapes, and sunburn.

An exclusive, exotic blend of high-quality natural oils, extracts, and vitamins, like ethically sourced coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax form a powerful team. Nella balm gives instant calming and long-lasting relief of dryness.

Available in a 2.3-ounce metal tin with a lid, ivory colored.

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