• New England Soap Bundle

New England Soap Bundle

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New England Christmas

This scent is fresh and clean - sparkly -- like the glittering snow you'd see on a sleigh ride with a flagon of mulled sweet cider in your lap. Picture the most beautiful snow-covered New England landscape you can, covered with clean snow. Glittering, sparkling, a bright white blanket over the curves of the land and pine and fir trees. Featuring top notes of citrus, pine and fir needles with tart and tangy, fruity berries, New England Christmas is an instant classic. Now add the mulled cider, middle notes of holiday spices - clove, cinnamon, sweet berries - and a hint of fresh apple. This awesome scent then finishes with bottom notes of sweet, juicy raspberry, and hints of rich vanilla and winter woods.


13oz New England Christmas Liquid Hand Soap

13oz New England Christmas Hand Lotion 

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