Triple Butter Bar Soap

  • $8.95

Nella Naturals Triple Butter Bar Soap

It doesn't get more luxurious, or natural that this creamy Tri Butter Bar Soap. Cleanse your skin and relish the extreme moisturizing power of shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter. 

This bar is every bit the quality you'd expect to pay a mint for, handcrafted in small batches, and features ethically sourced ingredients that leave the parabens, petroleums, propylene, and other irritating chemicals out -- at a fair price.

Get the Nella Naturals Tri Butter Bar Soap delivered to your door in packs of 2 bars, one solid and one containing the scrubbing power of a natural sea loofah. Made in the USA, support a family business and get Nella Naturals Triple Butter Bar Soap delivered to your home. As with all handmade products, batches may vary slightly in color or appearance.

Each 8 oz pack of soap contains 2 bars, 4 ounces each 1 solid bar 1 bar with a slice of natural sea loofah for exfoliation