• Salty Cactus Hand Sanitizer

Salty Cactus Hand Sanitizer

  • $4.95

Nella Naturals Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands fresh, with great smelling handmade Nella Naturals Hand Sanitizer. This all-natural product kills germs without drying out your skin. And doesn't smell like you dabbed disinfectant behind your ears.

Every busy mom needs a bottle of hand sanitizer in her purse. Sure, it's no substitute for hand washing but there are times messes happen far from an available sink. Why not use a hand sanitizer from a name you can trust? Nella Naturals Hand Sanitizer smells awesome, leaves skin moisturized and kills the germs when you can't get to soap and water.

And like all Nella Naturals, it is petroleum-free, paraben-free, and GMO-free.

Available in a 4-ounce oval bottle with a disk top.

Salty Cactus

Where the desert sand meets the sea; shimmering green cactus mingles with clean ocean air. The warm scents of sea spray and driftwood, with the grassy brightness of green cactus and sea moss, lure your senses to that desert paradise. You will love this seaside blend of fresh ozone notes and lively green cactus on a base of sweet musk.