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Moonlight Wooden Wick Candle

  • $19.95

Nella Naturals Wooden Wick Candles

There is nothing like a wooden wick candle, it sets the mood, relaxes you and adds that gentle pop and crackle to your home that you thought only a fireplace could. These natural soy candles not only fill your room with natural, highly realistic scents, they also make it feel cozy and inviting.

Nella Naturals Wooden Wick Candles are made with 100 percent natural USA soy wax, because we only sell chemical-free products you can confidently burn in your home. The wax is also FDA approved and Kosher certified. They come in apothecary jars with rustic metal lids. No worries about the dangers of paraffin wax, just the crackle of a dancing wood fire with all the benefits of a lovely scented jar candle.

Wooden Wick candles are great in any room of the house. Whether in the living room, relaxing after a long day at work, or the perfect accompaniment to a great read on a rainy day in your den. Not to mention setting the mood for that perfect someone behind closed doors; light up a wooden wick candle and you won't even need Barry White!


There is nothing quite like moonlight, it transforms all it touches to poetry and light. This scent named for that beauty is an intricate blend of pink grapefruit, Italian mandarin, and sweet ripe apple. Middle notes of rich magnolia, rose petals, and purple orchid add a heady floral aroma and it’s rounded out with English ivy, precious woods and cashmere musk.