• Honeydew Popsicle Shower Gel
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Honeydew Popsicle Shower Gel

  • $12.95

Nella Naturals Handcrafted Shower Gel

If it's Nella Naturals, it's handmade. Nella Naturals Shower Gel is no exception. Paraben-free, petroleum-free, and free of GMOs (like everything we make) this shower gel offers a luxurious lather that will invigorate dull, dehydrated skin.

Get the healthy glow of naturally hydrated skin back, without the chemicals you don't want. Nella Naturals products are all made on site, here in our Oxford, Pennsylvania shop. You won't get closer to nature!

No matter what skin type, our shower gel leaves skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. Immerse yourself in our variety of decadent and deliciously realistic scents.

Nella Naturals uses great ingredients and only what we trust for our own children's skin. The shower gel comes in a 12-ounce container, colors may vary depending on scent choice.

Honeydew Popsicle

Sweet, juicy, and fabulously fruity. You’ll love the juicy, ripe honeydew melon paired with super sweet and luscious whipped cream. Great for any time, anywhere, but light enough to wear in the summer heat without being overwhelming. Enjoy the naturally sugar-rich honeyed cream scent delivered by this classic combo.