• Crushed Mint & Apricot Smelly Jelly Air Freshener

Crushed Mint & Apricot Smelly Jelly Air Freshener

  • $8.95

Nella Naturals Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners

When you live in a farming community with five children, you know it smells. You also know that you don't want the chemical mess that many air fresheners bring into your home. These Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners not only freshen the air with your scent of choice, they absorb odors! 

These lovely jelly jar sized scent powerhouses work great for continuous odor control. Simply remove the super cute daisy-cut lid to remove the inner seal, then reattach the lid to free the non-toxic, chemical-free room deodorizing power. No cord, no heat, and no electricity needed.

All of our scents are highly realistic, last for months, and are an attractive addition to any decor. They're perfect for every room in your home, kitchen, bathroom, even your laundry room will smell great. That's not all, grab one for the RV, your shop, wherever you're keeping the litter box, anywhere you need a little extra odor control. 

Nella Natural's Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners come in 8-ounce glass jelly jars with cute metal daisy lids, and typically last 60-90 days, colors vary by scent.

Crushed Mint & Apricot

Just the right amount of mint to give it life and stimulate your senses. Take the edge off of a long hard day or brighten a room with this luxurious scent. Lose yourself in blush apricot, California lemon, and elegant bitter-tart bergamot. Also rich with fresh crushed mint and green spearmint the scent is rounded out with young garden buds and hints of white musk.