Candle Wick Trimmer

  • $12.95

A good candle wick trimmer is a must-have for any real candle lover. Caring for your Nella Naturals candles will help them burn efficiently, and last longer. One of the most important things to do for all candles is keeping the wick trimmed. No easy feat, really, as nothing you use to trim the wick seems to work right. Scissors leave bits of wick and soot in your candle, and tend to twist and pull at the wick instead of cutting it cleanly -- not to mention it’s hard to get that perfect 1/8 inch trim. Our wick trimmer is perfect for the job.

The built-in “wick catcher” on the cutting blades keep the bits of wick under control while the precise angles of the trimmer reach easily into jar candles. Using the right tool for the job will help keep your candles burning clean and bright.