Beach Bum Gift Set - Small

  • $49.95

Small Beach Bum Gift Set

Perfect for that hang-loose, sand in the van, beach lover in your life. Ok, they don’t need to be the ever-relaxed surfer dude or dudette, but if you want to give that special person in your life the smells of a beach retreat while pampering them -- this is the way to go. They’ll love this attractively packaged gift set. They’ll also think of you every time they light the candle, wash their hands, or exfoliate in a cloud of lightly floral, tropically-fruity scented Twisted Mermaid oil-based sugar scrub.


9-ounce Madison Waikiki Coconut Soy Wax Candle

Hang 10 Hand Soap

Twisted Mermaid Sugar Scrub

4-ounce Maui Cocoa Butter Lotion