Bath Bombs

If you’re looking for all of the glitz and scents of a fancy big-label bath bomb, but crave all of the benefits of a Nella Naturals product, you’re going to fall in love with our incredible selection of scent-sational bath bombs.

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of a hot relaxing bath. But something magical happens when you drop in a Nella Naturals bath bomb. Your bath becomes more than just a bath. It becomes a tropical oasis, or a rainforest spring, or a spa soak. Whatever your bath fantasy may be, we’ve got a bath bomb to get you there.

There are several benefits to using bath bombs. Ours here at Nella Naturals are all-natural and vegan-friendly. There are no harsh irritants that will cause problems for your skin.

Bath bombs also help to create an atmosphere. Not all of us can get to a tropical rainforest spring every day, but we can definitely bring that atmosphere to our bathrooms with one of our gorgeous bath bombs.

Also, the scents in bath bombs are purposeful. Bath bombs are made with essential oils that have different therapeutic values. If you’re taking a morning bath, use a citrus bath bomb to energize you. Do you love a moonlight bath before bed? Go for a soothing lavender bomb.

And then there are bath bombs that are just joyous and fun and also have delightful scents. Try our Mermaid’s Kiss Bath Bomb or American Spirit Bath Bomb.

Need another great benefit? Nella Naturals bath bombs are not just beautiful and great smelling. They have a high magnesium content, making them beneficial for joint pain and sore muscles.

To immerse yourself in the luxury of a Nella Naturals bath bomb, simply drop one of our bombs into a warm bath. Watch as the tub comes to life and the bomb fizzes for several minutes, releasing fun colors, delightful scent, moisturizing oils, and skin-softening Dead Sea salt into the water.

Our bath bombs are 5 ounces, and the colors vary depending on which scent you choose.

Whatever your scent-sational need, Nella Naturals makes products that are organic, vegan, and made with love.

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